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EverRacer ER099 Black and White Gaming Chair


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Diamond-Shaped Upholstery Looking for a gaming chair in Australia? Alpha R4 might be the best fit for you. It is a professional gaming chair like no other, featuring a firm seat with a smaller headrest and back cushion for all-day comfort, plus two-directional armrests and backrest adjustable up to 180° - perfect for a quick power nap in between sessions! Complete with diamond-shaped upholstery and a strong, sturdy base, this bad boy will have you planning your next winning move in comfort and style!
Everracer's Gaming Chairs-R2
Scorpion Gaming Desk - R1


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An ergonomic streamlined model with a trendy feel Small & easy packaging integrated  
Everracer's Gaming Chairs-R1
New Raptor Black and Orange Chair With Scorpion Gaming Desk


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Gaming Chair with Desk Premium finish gaming chair with 5 castor wheels and seats made with PU leather this chair is perfect of intense gaming. Get the ultimate offer of the Gaming chair + Gaming desk that promises to uplift your gaming skills with style and comfort.
PU Leather Reclining Office Desk Gaming Executive Chair - Red


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The Ultimate Comfort The Raptor-R6 is featured with a 360-degree swivel, push-back till 170-degree to make you relax, and also have a gas lift to adjust the height. Styled with a silver-coloured nylon frame and 5 castor wheels, this office chair serves as an excellent piece of portable seating. Contrary to standard leather, this office chair can be cleaned with only a bit of water and a piece of cloth to make your product care more convenient.
PU Leather Reclining Office Desk Gaming Executive Chair -Orange


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Multi-purpose Office Desk Gaming Chair-Orange Looking for best gaming chair in Victoria? Check out our most demanded chair i.e Raptor-R5. Why is this best? Because it includes all the required features like height adjustment controller, 360-degree moving swivel, recline function to give the most personalized sitting option. Not to mention the premium quality chrome at the base with 5 rolling wheels. We also took care for the durability by structuring the seats with PU leather that can be cleaned with just a piece of wet cloth.
PU Leather Reclining Office Desk Gaming Executive Chair - Green


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Handcrafted Design Want to level-up your gaming experience? Guess what your gaming experience can be upgraded with this amazingly designed gaming chair. RAPTOR-R4 is designed by keeping a furious gamer in mind and has all the best possible features like adjustable back support, 360-degree moving structure, height adjustment option and incorporates with the colour coated nylon base attached with 5 strong rotating wheels.

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