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Latest EverRacer White & Black Carbon Fiber Gaming Office Chair


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Carbon Fibre Gaming Chair This is a great carbon fibre gaming chair. With the aid of adjustable lumbar support, flexible headrest and lower back support, it can be fully personalized according to the comfort of the user to support the game all day long. For optimum balance, the armrests are multi-directional. THUNDERBIRD-R15 is the best gaming chair in Victoria with a sturdy, solid foundation that allows your next successful move in total comfort, elegance and ease.
Latest EverRacer Red & Black Carbon Fiber Gaming Office Chair


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All New Design This robust gaming chair has a solid base, lower backrests and an adjustable headrest for all-day convenience and optimized armrests for a personalized sitting position. This high-quality game chair is elegant and convenient, fully equipped with a modern aviation tilt and a solid, balanced foundation.
Everracer's Gaming Chairs-R3
Scorpion LED Gaming Desk - R3


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Ergonomic sleek border design with the appearance of fashion Small & simple integral packaging 
EverRacer ER099 Black and White Gaming Chair


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Looking for a gaming chair in Australia? Alpha R4 might be the best fit for you. It is a professional gaming chair like no other, featuring a firm seat with a smaller headrest and back cushion for all-day comfort, plus two-directional armrests and backrest adjustable up to 180° - perfect for a quick power nap in between sessions! Complete with diamond-shaped upholstery and a strong, sturdy base, this bad boy will have you planning your next winning move in comfort and style!
Everracer's Gaming Chairs-R2
Scorpion Gaming Desk - R1


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An ergonomic streamlined model with a trendy feel Small & easy packaging integrated  
Everracer's Gaming Chairs-R1
New Raptor Black and Orange Chair With Scorpion Gaming Desk


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Gaming Chair with Desk Premium finish gaming chair with 5 castor wheels and seats made with PU leather this chair is perfect of intense gaming. Get the ultimate offer of the Gaming chair + Gaming desk that promises to uplift your gaming skills with style and comfort.

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