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Gaming Series

A gaming chair like no other, featuring a firm seat with an adjustable lumbar support removable headrest and back cushion for all-day comfort.

Gaming Series Chairs
Guaranteed Quality...

Ergonomic Design

Two-directional armrests and back rest adjustable up to 180ьз╕ - perfect for a quick power nap in between sessions! Complete with diamond-shaped faux leather upholstery and a strong, sturdy base, this bad boy will have you planning your next winning move in comfort and style!

Everracer Gaming Chairs

Why Everracer ?

Ergonomic Support

EverRacer Chairs are built keeping ergonomics in mind to provide comfort for long hours of gaming. The chairs are equipped with handrests, a full-length backrest and lumbar support along with reclining features to make it perfect for your battlefield.

Unparalleled Quality

Built with top-quality parts and fabric, EverRacer Chairs have a very thoughtful design with supreme quality and comfort. These chairs promote ideal sitting posture and look stylish and sophisticated with its quirky design.

Excellent Service

At EverRacer, we've thought of everything, from manufacturing to the aftersales support needed by our customers. With the help of our dedicated team, we assure 24x7 Customer Support and guarantee hassle-free service.

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